The Greatest Life Ever Lived - Was One with An Enlightened Mind

Your Soul – Your Best Friend – Your Soul Mate

This article is written with the express intent to encourage you to create an unwavering connection with YOUR ‘MAGNIFICENT’ SOUL.

Do you really think you are here just to be healthy and enjoy what the good life offers?


We all have a SOUL, a Higher Self, the 3D Body (the vehicle by which the Soul experiences the tangible) and the Mind (sometimes referred to as the ‘EGO’ which creates your reality, through the process of thought and other very important functions. Your Higher Self is that part of you, that is, the “Spark of God” within you or, put another way, the direct ‘connection’ to Source. This is beyond the individual self, beyond personal experience. The Higher Self is pure consciousness, unconditional love, pure power, pure creativity. 

You as you know yourself, the body can hear, see, taste etc. and do and enjoy pretty much all the 3D world offers. We are transiting to the higher 4th dimension existence.

The 4D existence is a state of living in love, living in the moment and being happy at a frequency that negative feelings and judgment do not reside. This state of being is otherwise known as living in the ‘Light Body’

Let’s start with the origins of your Soul. Firstly, Souls are individuations of Source, through involution, The Soul is made up of 617 individual energetic facets. Many were formed and progressed on planets or constellations within Universes and yes, from Earth too. Some constellations that Souls came from are – Pleiades, Andromeda, Spica, Sirius, Altair, Mintaka, Polaris, Alpha Centauri, Lyra, Draco and Orion.  

We are all here to learn lessons and progress as multi-dimensional beings. Some more evolved Souls came to experience and finalise the latent ‘Truth’ that ALL are one with All there is. Animals have souls too and are here to learn self-awareness. 

There are 15 chakras (a Sanskrit word meaning wheel) but, there are seven main chakras which are located along the spine extending below and above the physical body. When all chakras are in alignment and functioning optimally you can co-create with Source effectively and effortlessly what we want to manifest.

The Soul takes many lives like 100s or more evolving towards higher levels until it accomplishes Source consciousness. The Soul chooses the family it wants to incarnate into, name, place and time of birth, and every detail about your physical appearance and things along those lines, that correlate to fulfilling its purpose of incarnation. The Soul has a personality that never changes, it decides how and when your life’ experiences will be processed. The Soul never dies. It is therefore, crucial that you have a close connection with your soul. It guides you and knows every minute detail of why you are here and what you are supposed to do and everything about your life right now. Therefore, trust your Soul, it knows! Each circumstance unfolds for your higher good, even though it may be painful or just simply too tragic and horrible to understand. Situations and circumstances do not happen to you but rather for you.

Unconditional Love. The Soul sometimes come to experience situations or events as a victim for various reasons, that can be described as heinous or tragic. Most times in order for the Soul to endure such there must be a perpetrator. With this knowing, will you hate the perpetrator? No, you won’t. Why would you? Without the perpetrator how will the Soul live out the experience it came here to fully understand or learn? This is an ideal opportunity to practice unconditional love. This is the time to just observe, not hate, judge, nor be angered but let the ‘EGO’ loose. The art of living through unconditional love is tough and we can all at least try by practicing. Love conquers all. Try letting go of judgments and if that is really challenging for you, then simply, very simply, ask for Divine help or guidance. The Universe will always help you, if you ask. The choice is yours. There are many, many benefits from loving unconditionally. God/Source loves you unconditionally, does He not? Then, doesn’t He deserve same from you?

 So, really, who are you? You are not just Jane, Derek, or Marva. You and your ‘Soul’ are one and the same. You are your Soul. Your Soul is YOU. You are NOT a limited human being! You don’t believe me? Then, whose is it when you say, “My hand”, “My face”, “My brain”, “My heart”? Who does YOUR hand belong to?

How do you establish that oneness with your Soul? There are many ways by which to do so. Meditate. Listen in. Connect. Converse … then, await the answers. (Breathing in and out, concentrating on the breath for 10 to 15 minutes can help clear that oh so active mind and get deeper within). Practicing this breath meditation can certainly help quiet and control the mind. Patience is a must, don’t give up on your mission to discover your life purpose and live your greatest life and establish that important relationship.

 You deserve no less, remember you and your Soul are ‘one’. In fact, your Soul is eternal and is ‘one’ with all there is. Your Soul Is Your ‘Soul Mate’

Your Soul will never advise you to compare yourself with others but rather guide you to experiences, places, things, people and opportunities etc. that are for “your” higher benefit and success. There are seven primary soul energies. Each individual has a different purpose and thus each Soul is unique. When you focus on YOU, you will undoubtedly become happier and at peace with yourself. You may dawn into the awareness that you are one with Source and if you are one with Source, then all things are possible, you will realize that you have become more compassionate towards others, more giving, more heart-centered, more charitable and so on. Inevitably, your bliss and joy will flourish, propelling you to love yourself and others unconditionally.

Author, Shaman, Healer and Teacher Robert Moss has said:

“The Iroquois Indians say that if we fail to honor “the wishes of the soul” (as opposed to ego agendas), the soul will distance itself from us, leaving us prone to sickness and bad luck, putting us on the road of the walking dead.”

When we pursue goals at the expense of our dreams and the urgings of the Soul, its participation in our lives may diminish or disappear. This can also happen when one experiences extreme pain, loss or other traumas; psychologists call this disassociation. “Soul Loss” affects every aspect of our lives; our relationships, our work and our state of wellness.

Start living an Empowered Life now! Courage. Trust. Discipline. Let go and allow Your Soul to show you the path to a wonderful life.

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